Cultivating Resilience in the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community

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We are Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) mental health professionals and advocates who seek to improve the mental health of our communities through connection, mobilization, and compassion.

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Though I’ve had my ups and downs in my road to healing, she always made me feel safe, heard, and capable of finding new ways to cope & grow. I don’t know where I’d be without the inclusive and thoughtful practices at Mango Tree.

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They make me feel safe and validated and provide me with practical tools to manage my anxiety.

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Consistently pleasant and positive!

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My clinician is warm, supportive, funny, flexible, extremely knowledgeable about therapeutic frameworks, and brilliantly intuitive about offering just the right level of challenge to meet me where I'm at and nudge me forward.

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My therapist is easy to talk to and helps me understand things from a different perspective. It's a pleasure to catch up with him on a weekly basis and it never feels like its counseling, but feels like conversation with a friend.

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Working with my therapist at Mango Tree has been great and we've experienced a great improvement in our relationship.

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My therapist has been incredible and has helped me open up and acknowledge different things in my life I hadn't before!

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My first therapy appointment in general went really well. My Therapist made me feel very comfortable, and I look forward to getting better.

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