Ginger Root Project


MTCC provides various support for AANHPI Affinity based programming, with a particular focus on AANHPI students. Whether your group is in high school, college, graduate school, trade school, or the work-place, we are interested in working with you!  The Ginger Root project is a peer-led AANHPI mental wellness initiative that provides brief behavioral health consultation, mental wellness programming, and affinity-based support programming consultation for groups in the state of Pennsylvania.

Peer-to-Peer Supportive Counseling: Brief 30-minute behavioral wellness consultations focusing on mental wellness, problem-solving, brief behavioral health interventions, and supportive counseling. Also see group programming offers under the Consulting tab.

Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Groups: Weekly mindfulness-based group programming for students and other folx to support stress reduction strategies and mental wellness.


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