These individuals are undertaking initiatives that impact various communities throughout the region. For some, the focus is on financial health and generational wealth for people of color. For others, it’s about creating dedicated spaces like a mental health practice focused on the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities. Some are focused on breaking barriers for women in historically male-dominated industries. Many of this year’s honorees are focused on empowering minority-owned business enterprises through contracts, training, and workshops.

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My most significant contribution to DEI: This past year, we have facilitated over 40 community seminars with a reach of 1,000 folx focusing on educational content that explores the intersections of racial identity, Asian-American identity, and mental health.

How I keep our company’s DEI mission at the forefront: The core of our work is the power of affinity and cultivating resilience in the larger Asian-American/Pacific Islander community. Our organization is dedicated to addressing health disparities of AAPI folx in mental health and we hope to do this by supporting AAPI clinicians, consumers, organizations and communities.