Rachel Miao
(She, Her, Hers)

Associate Psychotherapist


My style as a therapist is engaged, dynamic, personable, and open. Therapy shouldn't feel like talking to a wall. Neither should it feel like watching a TED talk. Instead, we will be in an unchoreographed dance together—sometimes exhausting, sometimes exhilarating, and occasionally painful—the therapeutic dynamic mirrors the patterns and cycles that make up your relational world. In therapy, we can find new endings for those patterns and transform the places where we feel stuck, depressed, and overwhelmed.
In our time together, I will often invite you to an awareness of what you are feeling in your body. I will often use visualizations as well as humor. Cultivating personal emotional literacy is a powerful way to bring about healing and positive relational change. If therapy is something you feel compelled to explore this season, I’d love to collaborate on this challenging and sacred work with you.


MA (Mental Health Counseling), Immaculata University

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