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Asian-American Mental Wellness Seminars

Our Counselors provide monthly workshops on mental wellness topics. Mental Wellness seminars provide members with opportunities to learn more about mental wellness, develop skills in addressing the complex stressors of Asian/Asian-American and other intersectional identity topics. Mental Wellness Seminars are facilitated by Mango Tree Counseling & Consulting Therapists.

01/11/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Self-Esteem and Mental Wellness Journeys, and Asian American Identity

02/08/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Dating in the AAPI Diaspora

03/14/2024: 8pm - 9:30pm EST, Beauty and Body Image in AAPI Communities

05/30/2024:  5pm-8pm EST, Healing Centered Engaged in AAPI Communities - Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine St. Phila, PA

09/12/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, White Supremacy Culture in AAPI Communities

10/10/2024: 8pm-930pm, Transitions: Family, Sickness, Death, and Beyond in AAPI communities

11/14/2024: 8pm-930pm, Facing the Family - Resilience Workshop

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Listening Circles

We host listening circles as an opportunity for our community members to share thoughts, feelings, memories, and reflections on identity and mental health.

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02/01/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Chinese Diaspora Listening Circle

03/21/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Eldest Daughter in AAPI Families Listening Circle

04/11/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Asian and Queer (LGBTQIA) Listening Circle

04/18/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Korean Listening Circle

10/10/2024: 8pm-930pm EST, Filipinx/o/a Listening Circle

12/7/23: 8pm - 9:30pm EST

South Asian Listening Circle

South Asians are oftentimes left out of conversations about the highly diverse Asian/Asian American demographic as a whole. Here at Mango Tree, we have a quarterly group closed to people who identify as South Asian to discuss the nuances of South Asian identity and mental health. Topics include shame, intergenerational trauma, resilience, and culture. Register here!

01/25/2024: 8pm-930pm EST

03/28/2024: 8pm-930pm EST

05/23/2024: 8pm-930pm EST

09/26/2024: 8pm-930pm EST


Drop-in Resilience Building and Stress Management Skills Group

MTCC Associates and graduate student therapists facilitate a peer-to-peer drop-in group on Mondays, at 6 pm EST via zoom.  This group explores all the stressors at the intersection of wellness and Asian-American Identity and provides participants with coping skills to enhance your resilience. Register today!

Mondays, 6pm EST Registration Link

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