Jackfruit Project: GBTQ+ Men


We are committed to intersectionality and creating programming that encompasses our full selves as a community. The Jackfruit Project is a peer-led mental wellness programming for gay, bi, queer men. We offer affirming mental wellness counseling for gay/bisexual men to support holistic wellness, healthy relationships, and resilience. Gay, Bi, Queer Men face unique concerns associated with toxic masculinity, heterosexism, and internalized self-hate that keep folx stuck in unhelpful relationship loops. These unresolved pains deserve a place to be witnessed and re-imagined.

Jackfruit Topics:

Sex and Hook up Culture
Diet Culture
Sexual Health
Recovery and Substance Use Concerns
Sexual Compulsion
Relationship Health

Jackfruit Project facilitates mental wellness seminars during the 1st Thursdays of the month, 830pm EST. Register today!

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