Check out Easton Mountain’s Winter Recovery Camp!

A weekend retreat of connection and fellowship for GBTQ men.

Join a 4 day retreat (Feb 29 -Mar 3, 2024) for male-identified individuals of the GBTQIA community actively engaged in 12 Step recovery and spirituality. This curated and transformative experience is designed specifically for those on a journey of recovery, and is open to all 12-Step fellowship members. This retreat provides an opportunity for self-discovery, personal growth, and connection within a supportive and welcoming community. Come and connect with other guys on a similar journey. In addition to step work there will be workshops that range from discussion groups to expression through movement, from active learning to exploring physical touch, art, music, massage and more! There will be opportunities to celebrate and relax together with activities like a talent show, dance party, hiking the 170 acre grounds, sauna, hot tub, and board games, to name a few!

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