Workplace Mental Wellness Programming

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Workplace Wellness: Building Resilience and Tenacity Amidst Uncertainty

Workplace Wellness is a national priority with the current workforce noting high levels of depression and anxiet - which negatively impacts health individual workers and our communities.

During our Workplace Wellness program, participants will learn ways to enhance resilience, tenacity, and mental health.

This session will review generalist mental health frameworks and strategies to help leaders and employees develop resilience amidst uncertainty and professional stuckness.

This Workshop will help participants:

  • Learn about the common mental health concerns among the workforce
  • Review relavent informaiton on mental health conditions
  • Insights from evideced-based, 3rd wave behavioral health interventions
  • Applied strategies towards mental wellness

Workplace Wellness: Professional / Psychological Flexibility and Burnout

Chronic stress and intrapersonal anxiety can result to burn out, which has a negative impact on the worker, their families, and their professional communities. During our Professional/Psycholgical Flexibility and Burnout workshop, participants will learn about the details of burnout and evidenced based interventions to create psychological flexibility so that folx can take committed action in their lives and careers.

This session will review evidenced based interventions to help participants in increasing their self-awareness and inner strength to create fuller and healthier lives.

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This workshop will help participants:

  • Increasing knowledge of stress, anxiety, and bunrout behavioral cycles
  • Define and discuss psychological inflexibility and professional stuckness
  • Develop tools to enhance psychological flexibility and creating alignment in our lives.
  • Defining and cultating awareness of everyday resilience builders.

Program Format Options:

  • Workshop/lunch and learn: 1 Hour
  • Half Day Intensive Clinical: 2.5-3 Hours
  • Full Day Internsive Clinical: 6-7 Hours

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