Asian Mental Health


Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Mental Wellness and Care

MTCC is committed to providing innovative, culturally aligned, and compassionate mental health care that is responsive to the varying needs of folx within the API Diaspora. Through a relational and intersectional framework, our clinicians work closely with clients to re-discover resilience, re-align with values, co-creating a path towards healing, and finding a sense of home in the here and now. Our approach is informed by the intersection of our training in mental health and our own AAPI lived experiences and identity. We strive to create a healing space where folx feel seen, honored, and validated.

Peer Led-Programming: We host monthly wellness seminars that focus on AAPI mental health concerns. Register here!

Behavioral Wellness Coaching: Between sessions, check in with one of our behavioral wellness coaches regarding behavioral wellness goals.


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